Tips to Encourage Positive Dog Behavior

Posted: 18 Dec 2020 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Tips to Encourage Positive Dog Behavior

Let’s be honest! No matter how much you care and love your furry friend, it cannot be always a positive experience for you. At times, it is required that you teach them the lesson of discipline and stop their misbehavior.

According to experts, positive augmentation is the best way to train the dog tutees. This training is more effective at a young age.

Positive augmentation is a training process in which you reward your dog for their positive behavior and ignore their ill behavior. It conveys a message that they are expected to do a few behaviors while other behaviors are not appreciated. Your dog starts understanding your intent and acts accordingly.

Positive dog behavior training tips

It is important to know the right way to reinforce the positive behavior - it makes your training easy and helps your pup grow well-behaved. Here are a few tips that encourage positive behavior in your canine.


Rewards can be of varying types: verbal applaud, love pat, and food reward. Reward more frequently as it is more important than correction. Throughout the training, frequent rewards develop good behavior and understanding about what type of behavior is expected in the home and publicly.

Spend time regularly

Make sure you spend some good time regularly with your pup. When your dog feels that you care about them, it will reciprocate in their gestures, love, behavior, and enjoyment. Just like us, dogs also don’t like negligence and ignorance. Also, it is not good to yell at your dog instead, ask them for things nicely with a smile on your face.


Dogs need both reward and correction depending on the situation.

To train them to avoid certain behavior correction is a must. To make your dog adapt to good behavior, consistent reward is necessary.

Train and reward them consistently to avoid some behavior and correct their misbehavior. Keep in mind to maintain the balance between reward and correction.

Challenge Them

Mental exercise is important for the overall growth of your dog. Pat their head with love every time they give a good performance in the challenge. They will outperform every challenge if reward and affection are involved in it. Include hiding treat, obedience training, and other such activities to keep your canine happy and excited.

Practice Forgiveness

Punishing the dog can make the situation worse.

When the pup makes a mistake, show them that you have forgiven them. The pup will understand your emotions and also gets your message. You need to keep patience to reinforce good behavior in your lovely four-legged friend.

Enjoy the Process

Involve everyone from your family in positive behavior training.

Use different methods to bring enjoyment and variation in training. Ask other members to play with your dog in your absence. Ask them to give similar commands and also treat them with rewards if they follow the commands right. It will develop a sense of familiarity in your dog along with training. Also, the dog will not feel bored when you are not around them.

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