Tips to Find a Comfortable Dog Collar

Posted: 17 Mar 2021 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Tips to Find a Comfortable Dog Collar

Buying a dog collar seems to be a simple task unless you are obsessed with your dog. Being an essential part of a dog's wardrobe, a perfect dog collar needs your efforts and serious thought. And with a perfect collar, we mean a collar that is comfortable for your pup as well as you. The neck and shoulders of your puppy should be at comfort wearing it.

With so many styles, brands, and materials it gets tricky to find a comfortable collar for your canine friend. To guide you in choosing the comfortable collar for your doggy, we have come up with a few must-know tips.

How to find a comfortable dog collar?

Look for the collar style

Style being one of the important factors, we would recommend determining the style of the collar first. Decide for the purpose you want a collar for your dog. Are you going to use it for walking? Training? Identification? Or everyday wear?

Is there any particular style of collar for their doggy day-care, park, or state law?

Choose a traditional buckle collar if your dog is going to wear the collar all the time.

If you want easy to remove collars, then quick release buckle collars work best for you. This style of collars is usually required in doggy day-care.

Safety collars will be the best if your dog has a long area to roam. These collars won’t choke them if stuck on a branch, grid, or anything else.

If the sole purpose of the collar for your dog is identification then scruff Tag dog collars are meant for you.

Choose the material of the collar wisely

Leather, chain, nylon there are various materials for a dog collar. Choose the material that you think will be comfortable for your dog. Your dog may have sensitive skin, and you surely don’t want a collar that causes abrasion. Puppies generally feel relaxed and comfortable in leather or nylon material. Some dogs have nylon allergy so you can find a fabric collar for them so that they do not create problems for your pup.

Consider the neck size of your puppy

Measure the circumference of your puppy’s neck. Make sure your puppy is standing straight while taking measurements as you do not want a misfit collar for your dog. The right way to take measurements is by placing two fingers between the neck of your puppy and the collar.

The width of the collar is also equally important for the comfort of your dog. The surface area and pressure felt by the dog depend on the width of the collar. A large width makes sure that the pressure is distributed evenly, but if the width is way more, then it may cause the dog to feel uncomfortable.

Consider the fur type

It is necessary to consider the fur type of your furry friend while choosing a collar. Dogs with thick and light fur require different types of collars. It also depends on their haircut. Choose a collar that is comfortable if the coat grows up eventually.

Above are a few tips to find a comfortable collar for your dog. We know you are a savvy dog parent who will always look for the best for your dog. If you want help in choosing the best collar for your dog, we would recommend you consider Bully Billows! Here you will get the finest quality of dog collars and other pet supplies.

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