Tips to Getting Rid of Fleas on Dogs

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Tips to Getting Rid of Fleas on Dogs

Fleas can be pretty annoying for us, especially in the summer months. However, for your dogs, these small dark brown insects are more than merely a summer problem. It can bother your doggy year around.

When dogs get in contact with other flea-infested animals or with fleas in the environment, pesky fleas get from one host to another or from their surroundings. Some dogs are super sensitive to flea saliva that even a single bite from a flea can bite or itch them severely. It can lead to scratching and cause inflammation, hair loss, and other skin infections to your lovely pets.

We know you cannot see your beloved pet in a problem, so here are some tips to relieve your dog from fleas.

6 Ways to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

1. Bathe Them Well

To help your dog get rid of fleas, bathe him with lukewarm water using mild soap or shampoo. It will easily remove fleas from your dog’s fur. Consult your veterinarian if you are planning to use flea-killing shampoo or other such products. Some pets have flea allergies, dermatitis, or other wounds on the skin, which make their skin highly sensitive. Your vet will help you with the right product.

You can also make a natural dog shampoo. For that, mix lemon juice, tea tree oil, cedarwood, or lavender with your pet shampoo. Add apple cider vinegar to the mixture. It will keep your dog’s coat acidic and will repel fleas.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is not only beneficial for humans but for your dogs too. It does wonders to control flea-related problems. The oil has lauric acid, which is a natural flea repellent and helps kill fleas. The exoskeleton flea gets stuck in oil, making them unable to move.

Take coconut oil in enough quantity and massage it over the coat of your dog.

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3. Grooming

With proper and frequent grooming of your dog, it gets easy to get rid of fleas. Comb their hair with a fine-tooth brush. It traps fleas and removes them from your dog fur. Kill the fleas and wash the comb in soapy water. To avoid skin injury, comb gently and slowly.

4. Natural Flea Spray

You can also try herbal flea spray. Mix the following ingredients into a large bottle: vinegar, water, lemon juice, and witch hazel. Spray the mixture on pet bedding, carpet, furniture, and other surfaces around your dog’s place.

5. Grow Flea Repelling Plants

Plant your garden with thyme, clove, basil, mint, and other strong-smelling herbs. You can also include lavender and pennyroyal in your herb garden. These plants repel fleas and will keep your dog safe.

6. Dog Flea Pills

Flea pills are the fastest way to treat dog fleas. Some pills are only helpful to get rid of adult fleas while others eliminate eggs and larvae too. You will need a prescription from your veterinarian to use these pills, as every dog needs different treatment and dosages, depending on the flea condition.

We hope the above-mentioned tips help you get rid of fleas from your dog and make them happy and healthy.

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